“The most famous Porsche 911 in the world!”

Regent Park, London in 1969.

Japanese men’s magazine “Punch” April 1970.

Japanese car magazine “car MAGAZINE” July 2008.

Japanese Porsche magazine “Rennsport” December 2008

Japanese car magazine “car MAGAZINE” January  2009.

Porsche Club GB “Porsche post” February 2009.

Japanese Porsche magazine “Rennsport” Feburuary 2009.

Japanese Porsche magazine “Rennsport” June 2009.

German Porsche magazine “9ELF” September 2009.

Japanese car magazine “car MAGAZINE” Novenber  2009.

German Porsche magazine “9 ELF” Feburuary 2010.

Porsche Classic book by Porsche AG. April 2010.

Japanese car magazine “car MAGAZINE” May 2010.

Japanese Porsche magazine “Rennsport” June 2010.

German Porsche magazine “9 ELF” August 2010.

My wife Hitomi made this photo book for the my Birthday in 2010 August as Birthday present!
She started chousing photos from the milions of photos then she did it all layout work and editing work by herself only.
She never work publishing company or design office before.

UK Porsche magazine “Total 911” Issue 77 in 2011.

German weekly magazine “stern” 2013 September 12th Issue.

German car magazine “AUTO ZEITUNG” 2013.


“Man of the World”.
Tetsu Ikuzawa featured in the New York magazine “Man of the World” in 2016.https://tennant.nyc/tetsu-ikuzawa-collectors-edition-for-man-of-the-world-no-15

Manthorp Park, Sweeden in 1970.Fuji Speedway, Japan in 1971.Tetsu’s 1969 911S Targa was found in a remote country-side of Japan after an interval of 40 years. This must be the hand of fate.At the Porsche Classic, Porsche AG., Stuttgart, Germany in 2009.37th Old-time Grand Prix at Nürburgring, Germany in 2009.At the Porsche Classic, Porsche AG. Stuttgart, Germany.“Looking good in yellow  Tetsu Ikuzawa and his 911 S Targa”

Tetsu Ikuzawa featured in most popular car magazine in the UK “evo” 2016.

Tetsu Ikuzawa featured in PR magazine of Swiss fassion brand “BALLY” Supring Summer 2017 issue.

German Porsche magazine “9 ELF” Sumer 2018.

A stunning limited edition book not available for sale.
I received it accompanied by a letter from Porsche HQ.
Tetsu Ikuzawa is the only Asian in the book!In fact Ralph Lauren was planned for this section, however, at last minute the Porsche executives thought this was a bit boring, so they decided to cover my story instead. The Porsche representatives went all the way to NYC to apologise to Ralph and soon after the Marketing representative and other project leaders from Porsche HQ came to visit me in Japan to explain the situation. In today’s email communication era, I was flattered that they visited me face-to-face.

’Tetsu Ikuzawa’ has a special feature in the issue no. 015 of ‘000’, a very high-end Porsche specialist magazine from the US.‘000’ featured my full and comprehensive Porsche story and covers over 70 pages! There are hundreds of Porsche magazines but even Dr Porsche probably never had such an extended story ever in a magazine!

Porsche Official Magazine ‘Christophorus’ issue 400 in 2021.

Mr. and Mrs. Ikuzawa 2021.